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We Endure Abuse to Survive...Part 2

Updated: Jun 3, 2023

What is certain is we can’t continue to normalize abuse and exploitation. We must eradicate it because the resulting trauma is devastating. So let’s find our courage to awaken to it, call it out for the abuse that it is, and like the #MeToo movement that held abusers accountable, begin to reject abuse in every facet of our lives so that one day in our future abuse and exploitation are no longer accepted as the way things are.

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As I put on my “amateur social scientist” hat and researched my book, Normalizing Abuse, I discovered much about why we do the things we do as humans and I share it with readers along with my personal story and snippets submitted from others. In other words, why we abuse and allow abuse to happen to us. Trauma can even begin in the womb and it can be found in our DNA from ancestor trauma. It’s really amazing any of us can get up in the morning. But we do. We endure abuse and exploitation to survive. But there is much wisdom and insight to be gleaned along this journey and there are many tools available to us to help us all survive and thrive. I share those too within the chapters of the book.

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