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Hijab: Word of God or Word of Man w/Esther Nelson

Discussing who is forcing the practice of wearing the hijab and female genital mutilation on Islamic women.

Esther Nelson, registered nurse who works in local reproductive health care, has taken a deep dive into Religious Studies, Global Ethics and Women in Islam at Virginia Commonwealth University in Richmond, VA qualifying her to discuss our topic:  "Hijab - Who Decides?"  We'll be looking at various issues in Islamic society, asking the question if these forced practices women are subjected to; are they being employed because they're the Word of God or the Word of Man?  The government requires women to wear a headscarf.  Women don't have a choice.  What about other issues such as FGM or Female Genital Mutilation.  Do the "collective we" stand by, watching, or get involved in the public square?  Too many of us, unless an issue is affecting us directly, are content to let things just happen - which brings us to the topic of being a-political, also being touched on in this show.

Show Music -- Awaken by Aleya Dao

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