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Walking An Ancient Path E-Book Available w/20th Anniversary Epilogue

Award Winning Walking An An Ancient Path: Rebirthing Goddess on Planet Earth is now available in E-Book Format w/20th Anniversary Epilogue

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Yes, my award winning book, Walking An Ancient Path, written in 2005, my best selling oldie but goodie, did not have an e-book option.  In those days, publishers did not automatically create an e-book to accompany paperbacks.  People still loved that tactile feeling of holding a book in their hands.  Staring at a screen to read a book or even listening to an audio book, all the rage today, were not common place either.  So with the 20th anniversary of the publication of WAAP upon us, I’ve decided to take this opportunity to self-publish my second book in e-book format but include an epilogue that can only be found in this new e-book version of Walking An Ancient Path.  And yes, it still has over 100 color photos!

Since the original publication, much has changed and I detail that in the epilogue.  I’ve been named One of Thirteen Most Influential Women in Goddess Spirituality and a Wisdom Keeper of the Goddess Spirituality Movement. I’m an ordained interfaith minister, and I’ve hosted my own podcast for 15 years.  I’m considered a thought leader, social justice advocate and leading voice within the spirituality.  In this anniversary epilogue, I look back over the two decades since first writing this book and reflect on the ways in which the spirituality, practitioners, and the world has changed and how that has influenced my path of service and original ideas.  

As the world cries out for the values of the Sacred Feminine to bring balance in a world of chaos, this invaluable spiritual guidebook is more relevant than ever. It includes tales of sacred journeys, rituals, meditations, prayers, politics, community activities, personal magical experiences, and suggests how by following in my footsteps readers might be aided in incorporating Goddess into one's life or community.  It is a book that can help transform yourself and the world as readers are called to integrate mind, body and spirit.

Original description follows: The Sacred Feminine, whether viewed as an archetype, ideology or heavenly deity, has been stripped from our cultures, religions and psyches for several millennia.  But we are starting to remember her roots and origins.  She is the missing piece of the spiritual, cultural and political puzzle that can address the human conditions of suffering that plagues the planet.  In Walking An Ancient Path, Tate summons us to understand and retrieve the values of a society that honors the Divine Feminine - inclusion, reciprocity and interdependence.  

This book suggests ways to incorporate the many aspects of the Sacred Feminine into one’s life or community.  Change is coming.  Disappointed with mainstream religion, more and more people have been left with an unsavory taste in their mouths as human-made dogma divides people and discriminates across culture and gender.  They are disillusioned as religion is used as an excuse for devastation, war and power over others. Goddess Spirituality offers a new path of hope if humanity has the courage and willingness to rethink, redefine, and remember.  Goddess Spirituality is not a magic potion, but a  roadmap  for transformation and change pointing to a new, peaceful, and enlightened age.  How will we get there?  Where are the guides?  Perhaps I can offer some ideas....

Aimed at women and men of all faiths, this is a thoroughly modern and practical look at the different aspects of Goddess worship and how it can be integrated into the modern world.  In the Earth section, readers are taken on journeys to sacred sites of Goddess inviting all to enjoy the sacred landscapes.  In the Air section, readers learn how Goddess inspires us to create.  Within Water the audience learns to discover more about themselves and the Divine through ritual.  Understanding Fire is about growth and transformation.  

WAAP includes 100+ color pictures of sacred places, rituals, activities, museum artifacts, and Goddesses.  Included is a glossary of the Sacred Feminine across continents and cultures as well as a glossary of values and principles for the spirituality of Goddess.  


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