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Walking An Ancient Path: Rebirthing Goddess on Planet Earth

Updated: Jun 11

by Karen Tate

Walking An Ancient Path: Rebirthing Goddess on Planet Earth with 20th Anniversary Epilogue. is now available! (Only E-Book has Epilogue)

The paperback book is 393 pages and 8.5 inches by 5.5 inches and is available from

The Sacred Feminine, whether viewed as an archetype, ideology or heavenly deity, has been stripped from our cultures, religions and psyches for several millennia. But we are starting to remember its roots and origins. She is the missing piece of the spiritual, cultural and political puzzle that can address the human conditions of suffering that plagues the planet. A Contemporary Woman Walking an Ancient Path

The Divine Feminine or Goddess Spirituality Movement is probably one of the most important grassroots movements on the planet today. It is the hope of advocates, with this impetus, the world can be transformed and the future of the many improved across the globe. Certainly proponents could choose an easier road, but that inner voice, that harkening call, is deafening at times. It drowns out all other distractions. It is like the pull of an invisible cord, gentle but firm, not allowing much room to stray. In the early days, paving the road was rough. Pushing that proverbial boulder uphill against established ideas, traditions and the status quo was challenging. Some devotees did not want to introduce Goddess back onto the world stage or vision her temples in neighborhoods. They preferred keeping the Sacred Feminine underground and to themselves, away from the perils of institutionalization,but can society do without their mother much longer? I think not.

Change is coming. Disappointed with mainstream religion, more and more people have been left with an unsavory taste in their mouths as human-made dogma divides people and discriminates across culture and gender. They are disillusioned as religion is used as an excuse for devastation, war and power over others.Goddess Spirituality offers a new path of hope if humanity has the courage and willingness to rethink, redefine, and remember. Goddess Spirituality is not a magic potion,but a roadmap for transformation and change pointing to anew, peaceful, and enlightened age. How will we get there? Where are the guides? Perhaps I can offer some ideas....

This guide starts at the beginning, using the experience of this author's personal and public path as a template as I began to understand and integrate the Sacred Feminine into my Christian-based religious paradigm. I validated this new spirituality by purposefully traveling to sacred sites of Goddess across the globe as a pilgrim. That gave me understanding of the role of Goddess in years past, her sacred landscape that remains today and my place within that landscape. I studied and began to intuit Goddess, particularly through the participatory nature of sacred ritual, a vital tool in developing one's connection with the Divine and for personal transformation. I sought out the camaraderie of others of like-mind to aid me in my physical, intellectual, and spiritual journeys. Then in time, as I grew, I cast my net wider, morphing from student to teacher. I began reaching outside my immediate community to explain the positive affect embracing the Sacred Feminine might have on the rest of the world if Goddess were restored to her original place in the psyche and hearts of humankind. This book reflects this cycle of realization and integration, moving from the personal,into public realms of local communities, then farther out bridging the gap into wider more mainstream realms. Perhaps it can be your roadmap, too!


Walking An Ancient Path is a FINALIST in the Spirituality Category of...

The National Best Books 2008 Awards

"Karen Tate's book gives us a survey of ancient Goddesses and Goddess philosophies which we can use in contemporary ways to re-balance our world back towards the principles of the Divine Feminine. It is a pathway to peace" - Joan Norton, author The Mary Magdalene Within

Walking an Ancient Path takes us on a spiritual journey by one of the foremost pathfinders of the Goddess movement. Karen Tate not only invites us into hallowed landscapes across the continents,we are also encouraged to participate in timeless acts that bring cognizance and renewal of the divineCreatrix into our milieu and ultimately, unto ourselves.In Walking an Ancient Path author Karen Tate takes us on a timeless journey to sacred places and invites us to reenact the sacred rites, but she also challenges us to transcend the sentimental tone of many in the Goddess movement. Instead, she summons us to understand and retrieve the values of a society that honors the Divine Feminine - inclusion, equality, reciprocity, and interdependence.Walking an Ancient Path takes us on a spiritual journey by one of the foremost pathfinders of the Goddess movement. Karen Tate not only invites us into sanctuaries of the Divine Creatrix across the continents, she recreates rituals and encounters with the deity that broaden our connection with the inner life. On this journey, we are also challenged to transcend the limits of religious dogma by understanding and retrieving the values of a society that honors Goddess - inclusion, equality,reciprocity, and interdependence

.- Rosemary Clark, author The Sacred Tradition in Ancient Egypt: The Esoteric Wisdom Revealed The Sacred Magic of Ancient Egypt: The Spiritual Practice Restored

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Karen Tate's book takes us on a journey of a thousand goddess stories as they weave through our modern mind, enriching our lives immeasurably and guide us towards a better world. WAAP brings the philosophies of ancient goddess culture into our contemporary life in a way which makes them seem alive and immanently useful. It's the philosophy of the divine feminine which can save our world and Karen tells us how to bring that into our lives in a daily way.

A wonderful contemporary take on ancient Goddess practices....we need those philosophies of "the Mother" to save our world, and Karen Tate's book shows us how we can incorporate them into daily life. Tate's book brings us philosophies of the Divine Feminine which can make our personal lives better, our relationships better, and our world better. We need this book to help us believe there is a well of goodness inside us all, and we can know it by the ancient name of "Mother".

- Joan Norton, Author of The Mary Magdalen Within

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