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Two Days That Changed Our Lives - A Night of Storytelling & Music At The Hearth

Updated: Jun 3, 2023

A Night of Storytelling and Music at The Hearth. Hear storytellers share their personal stories of trauma and recovery. You Watched My Descent, Now Watch Me Rise. Here's the story of my disappearance from public work and my return after traumatic circumstances that changed the lives of myself and my husband.

Click on the image to hear the video.

Enjoy the other stories and musicians during this night of music and storytelling. Proceeds from this event at The Hearth benefit The Children's Advocacy Group. You can catch Karen's storytelling at 1:45, an hour and 45 minutes into the program telling the story of the trauma of her her assault and her husband's brain injury.

Learn more about the book I wrote during our isolation. Click above.

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