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Mary Magdalene Speaks with Marcia McMahon

Updated: Jun 2, 2023

Intuitive medium and channel, Marcia McMahon, interviewed on both radio and TV for over 15 years, is a spiritual teacher and Angelic Reiki Master healer. She's with me today to discuss her book Mary Magdalene Speaks, composed of both researched and channeled information about the life of Mary Magdalene and Jeshsua, the bloodline and Holy Grail. We'll delve into the discrepancies between traditional knowledge church authorities preach to the masses and the gnostic teachings Marcia has gleaned through her channeling gift. Marcia will share some of Mary's wisdom, Marcia's experiences visiting sites sacred to Mary and Jesus in Israel as well as relics kept hidden by the Vatican.

Show Music

Meta Prayer by Celia

To contact Marcia:

Facebook: MarciaMcMahon

Twitter: @MarciaMaster

Instagram: Marciadi2002

If you'd like to support Voices of the Sacred Feminine and Karen Tate's work, buy her a cup of coffee:

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