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Is Sin An Antiquated Concept?

Updated: Jun 3, 2023

Talking about sin eaters, shit-eating and salvation Goddesses, and how the concept of sin, along with redemption, purification and penance are not on the minds of people today as they once were.

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In bygone days, being free of sin was paramount. Deities and their agents often had the role of savior, saving people from their vices and bad acts. Jesus died on the cross to save mankind from their sins. Priests doled out penance to redeem us from our misdeeds we revealed in the confessional. Savior Goddesses, like the Black Madonnas and Isis, were known to offer a listening ear to confessions we might not be able to bring ourselves to utter elsewhere. Going back to the time of the Aztecs of Mesoamerica, the Goddess Tlazolteotl played a similar role in society. She took in or “ate” the excrement of humanity, in other words, their sins. She excreted it as, for lack of a better word, divine excrement, referred to as “holy shit” by author Cecelia F. Klein, and in doing so rid the world of evil and sin so society might live in harmony.

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