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Healing Power of Pleasure w/Julia Hollenbery & Why Women Need Goddess Pt 2 of 4

Julia Hollenbery discusses 7 medicines she prescribes that offer the healing power of pleasure and joy of being. Followed by Why Women Need the Goddess Pt. 2 of 4

Julia Paulette Hollenbery is a joy, happiness and relationship expert that leads her to writing books like The Healing Power of Pleasure: 7 Medicines for Rediscovering the Innate Joy of Being. She's also a therapist, body worker and facilitator. She'll tell us about her childhood which sparked this transformational journey and the disciplines she uses in her therapeutic work with clients to help them attain joy, happiness and good relationships. We'll delve into the Universe of Deliciousness, the Mess of Modernity and Magicalness. And of course we'll learn what the 7 Medicines that help us discover joy.

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Nomad's Land by Zingaia

Guest Biography

Julia Hollenbery, over 25 years a therapist, has guided countless clients into confidence, wholeness and potential. She brings to every interaction an extraordinary quality of attunement and a deep, unique wisdom for practical healing, so that people can feel at home in their body, self and life. She is passionate about sharing her life-long love of the mystery, real sensual relationship and the life of the body.

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