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Christianity and Politics with Tom Quinn

Updated: Jun 2, 2023

Tom Quinn, twice Emmy-nominated writer/produceer who spent 22 years making documentary programs for Discovery Channel, History Channel, BBC and others including Discovery's archaeology adventure series, Expedition Unknown chats with me today about his humorous book, What Do You Do with a Chocolate Jesus? An Irreverent History of Christianity - written as an argument against the growing religious fundamentalism in American law and politics. He's also produced shows on urban legends, conspiracy theories and religious cults. Originally from New Jersey, Tom has an MFA from the American Film Institute and today works as a freelance writer for print and YouTube. He calls himself a humorous skeptic.

Show Music

Meta Prayer by Celia

Guest Contact Information:

Instagram: thomasquinn

Facebook: Thomas Quinn - Producer/Writer/Director

Twitter: @Choco18Jesus.


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