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A Most Beautiful Goddess Site

Updated: Feb 24, 2023

Aphrodiasias, Turkey - Sacred to Aphrodite

Visiting Aphrodiasias, Turkey - Sacred to Aphrodite

by Karen Tate

The country of Turkey was a diamond in the rough when it came to visiting sacred sites of Goddess. While most of the tourists were busy traveling in the Footsteps of St. Paul, our groups were usually alone at sacred sites of Goddess, like in Aphrodiasias, named for their patroness, Aphrodite. Aphrodiasias was a city of artisans and spectacular statues of Aphrodite were created here, some of which are still available to see in the local museum. But what was really spectacular was her holy site, located in a valley between mountains - Mother Mountains. And when we arrived the field was blooming with red poppies for as far as the eye could see. Imagine the picture up above, part of her temple still standing, surrounded by red poppies with the mountains in the horizon. Spectacular.

Another interesting thing about visiting these ancient sites of Goddess were finding stele dedicated to the priestesses of these temples. Remarkable indeed! And if you're a cat lover, Her sites were always filled with friendly cats just waiting for the next tourist to come along and spare a treat with them from your backpack.

We did incredible ritual in many of Her sacred sites around the globe and you can learn more from my books below.

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