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8 Kinds of Love, Aphrodite & Ancient Politicians...followed by Meditation - True Beauty/Self Worth

Of course Valentine's Day is a day celebrated for Lovers, but there are many different types of love and lovers.

The 8 Different Types Of Love...

  • Philia, otherwise known as affectionate love, platonic love you might feel for your bestie

  • Pragma, what we all want most - enduring love. Think of those couples that still feel that spark after being married 50 years.

  • Storge, considered the love of and by family members

  • Eros, what you tune in to the Lifetime Channel for -- Romantic Love, named after Aphrodite's son, Eros

  • Ludus, is playful love, think about that flirtatious phase of new love when you send your significant other 100 texts a day that you're thinking of him/her, but hey wait, 100 times a day.....that might be the next kind of love:

  • Mania, this is the stalker kind of love - Obsessive

  • Philautia, refers to self love, or self care, which is not selfishness and we all need more of. When did you last ask yourself, "How is the quality of my life?"

  • Agape, is selfless love or love of the divine, can also be the kind of love one has for humanity as one is in service to others

Click on the image above to hear the True Beauty & Self Worth Meditation

Interesting Ancient Fact about Aphrodite, Hermes & Ancient Politicians

by Karen Tate

Interesting Ancient Fact: In ancient times, when a politician was running for office he'd make offerings to Aphrodite and Hermes. Why? Well, the politician needed Hermes as his messenger to get his story out there in the public domain, reach the ears of the masses, have people learn about his campaign. Then it was Aphrodite's turn... Aphrodite would draw people to him. Make the public like him, love him, believe in him and ultimately support and vote for him.

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