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Toolbox forTransformation

Envisioning a world
where abuse and
exploitation are taboo.

New Release!

Toolbox for Transformation

The domination and exploitation of patriarchy and predator capitalism has permeated every aspect of society for too long.  We all know we've had enough.  We just aren't all sure of the path ahead and role models are in short supply.  Eradication of this oppression requires a rethinking of most things that have become normal to us even if it's painful or uncomfortable.  We know we need an awakening of our spiritual courage, a leap of faith -  so we might change course, but do we have a road map?  I think we do.

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The underlying tenants of Karen's teachings are;


Everyone has a seat at the table. Diverse life experiences enrich our community and world.


We all work together toward creating win/win outcomes. We value all contributions.


We strive for a fair and peaceful world free of misuse, abuse and exploitation where equality and accountability are the norm.

Intellectual Curiosity

An informed community is essential to progress and evolution. We strive to keep an open mind and to continually seek and learn.

Karen approaches opportunities for discussion, learning, growth, and understanding with an open mind and a caring heart. She facilitates these opportunities through her writing, public speaking, and podcast. Inclusiveness, partnership, justice, and intellectual curiosity are at the center of her work. Karen is striving towards a world where abuse and exploitation are taboo.

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