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Guadalupe, Lady of Miracles, Heralds the Flowering of Humanity w/Karen Tate (Air Date 12/6)

Who is the supernatural Lady who appears to humanity throughout time? - Written & Presented by Karen Tate

Today's Show Topic:

With her feast day of December 12th approaching, Karen Tate will share the good news of Our Lady of Guadalupe who comes from a long line of "epiphany" goddesses who "appeared" to humanity urging us to strive for positive transformation and the flowering of humanity - also good fortune or what some might call miracles. Join Karen as she shares the story of Guadalupe's miracles and pays her tribute. This talk was given to a Southern Oregon Unitarian Universalist congregation.

Show Music

Narayani by Deva Haley

To Learn More About Karen Tate:

Karen Tate is an ordained inter-faith minister, long-time podcast host of Voices of the Sacred Feminine and author/curator of 7 published books. She can be seen in the docu-film, Femme, Women Healing the World and she's been called upon to speak at prestigious venues such as the Council for the Parliament of World Religions, Harvard Divinity School Conference, Joseph Campbell Roundtables and many more. Check out Karen's other accomplishments and services provided at her website noted above.

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