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Benefits of the Plague....and Trump

Updated: Jun 3, 2023

When the Orange Jumpsuit moved his clan of crooks and cronies into the White House I told my friends to take a deep breath and wait. I could understand people gave him a shot because neither party, the Republicans nor the Corporate Democrats, were doing much for them. Desperate voters turned a blind eye to what many of us could have predicted came along with Trump. As scary as this man was and is, he was necessary. He was the perfect and tactical move of Goddess or the Universe, who is sometimes about tough love and not just sweetness and light. CLICK THE IMAGE BELOW TO READ MORE.

Like Rosie the Riveter, a cultural icon of WWII, showing the power and ability of women outside the home, she symbolized a trend of change, and so will this virus. I don’t yet know what that iconic symbol will be to move us toward Democratic Socialism and income equality, shifting our minds toward the We and the Us instead of the I and the Me, but rest assured, we’re watching the times change before our eyes. This is what a revolution looks like on a daily basis. Step by step. This virus along with the Orange Jumpsuit are shifting humanity’s psyche and hearts to value those once taken for granted.

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