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Artemis - Goddess Who Changed the World with Dr. Carla Ionescu

All about Artemis from an expert in ancient history.

I'm thrilled to speak to leading Artemis expert, Dr. Carla Ionescu who has published several papers and authored a recent book titled "She Who Hunts - Artemis, The Goddess Who Changed the World."  Dr. Carla has become a respected authority on the subject and her work has not only advanced our understanding of ancient beliefs and rituals, but has also rekindled interest in the Goddess' role in shaping herstorical events.  We'll delve into Artemis, including the Ephesian Letters, her connection to Mary, Mother of Jesus, connections between ancient beliefs and modern cultural practice, what she means by Artemis as the "wild" Goddess, and how Artemis has changed the world.  Having both traveled to many of these ancient sites of Goddess, Carla and I have much to discuss!  I'm so excited!

Show Music -- Meta Prayer by Celia

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