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Ancient Language of Sacred Sound with David Elkington

Updated: May 17, 2023

Discovering the ancient language of sacred sound and resonance patterns at ancient holy sites David Elkington, author of The Ancient Language of Sacred Sound: The Acoustic Science of the Divine.

David Elkington, academic and historian is expert in all things biblical and Egyptological, with a specialization in the resonance patterns at ancient holy sites. I'm very excited to discuss the role sacred sound played in ancient times at these ancient sites as well as what ancient humanity knew about using sacred sound. We'll delve into where Christianity fit into this ancient scheme, if they did, and if modern music can compare to the old in this regard. Finally, we'll uncover the heroine in these places and her role in the story and how wisdom fits into the overall scheme.

Show Music

Narayana by Devaa Haley

Guest Biography

DE is an independent academic and historian whose subject matter is all things biblical, Egyptological and with a specialization in the resonance patterns at ancient holy sites. He is also a founder member of the Foundation for the Research and Preservation of the Lead Codices: a controversial and yet important discovery of early and ancient Christian books made both of lead and of solid gold – a discovery that will change our perception of the origins of Christianity. DE has travelled the world in pursuit of answers to questions that have plagued curious minds for centuries. He lives in Europe.

Facebook Page: The Jordan Lead Codices

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