Sacred Places of Goddess: 108 Destinations


A Journey Into Goddess Divinity...Discover a book 20,000 years in the making!  Travel with author Karen Tate as she examines the varied Divine Feminine traditions as old as the Neolithic temples of Malta or as new as the Isis Temple in Geyserville, CA, in locations as inaccessible as Sedna's Watery Domain near the Arctic Circle or as crowded as Ueno Park in downtown Tokyo.  Meticulously researched, clearly written and comprehensively documented, this one-of a kind book explores the rich tapestry of the Sacred Feminine and Goddess worship from prehistoric cultures to modern academic theories.  


Consider the amazing similarities between age-old pagan rituals and those associated with contemporary religions.  From Karen Tate, "For many, this tour book may be the first close look at sacred sites at home or abroad, from one's armchair or at the actual site.  For others it may be their first snapshot of the Divine Creatrix within these holy places.  Certainly other books have covered some of this material, but few have done so through the lens of Goddess Spirituality."

Reawaken the Ancient Memory!  Sacred Places of Goddess is your essential guidebook to 108 unique treasures worldwide.  Includes hundreds of photos, maps and illustrations - plus detailed directions and travel restrictions.  Sprinkled in each chapter are intriguing relevant and timely entries called "Goddess Focus" and "Gaia Alerts."  Celebrate the ancient Goddess mysteries that were once omnipresent, yet still alive today within each of us!


*  Who transported the Isis cult from Egypt to Europe and beyond?

*  How did Kali become a household name on four continents?

*  What mysteries lurk behind Hina, the Polynesian Goddess of Life and Death?

*  Where did the worldwide tradition of the Black Madonna originate?

*  When historically did the Divine Feminine begin to disappear from center stage?


These any many other questions you might not have contemplated are answered through the lens of sacred travel in this marvelous book, Sacred Places of Goddess:  108 Destinations.