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Welsh Goddess Myths & the Modern Woman with Shellie Enteen

Author of the fictional trilogy, Revealing the Druid Legacy, returns to the show discussing Welsh Goddess Myths and how this treasure trove of wisdom might benefit the modern woman.

Happy to have Shellie Enteen return to the show to continue our conversation about the treasure trove that mythology of the Welsh Goddesses still holds for today's women.  Shellie, an author, astrologer, interfaith minister, aromatherapist, educator, reiki master and public speaker has extensively researched the Druids for her trilogy, Revealing the Druid Legacy, an inspired memoir of a Dark Age Druid Priestess and she shares the valuable information with myself and listeners.  We'll talk about how Welsh Goddesses fit into Neo-Druidry and how they compare to those in the Celtic Dark Age.  We'll learn when their stories were writen, which are the most familiar Welsh Goddesses and what we can glean from the Neo-Druid Goddess myths useful for women now.  

Shellie is the author of the trilogy, Revealing the Druid Legacy

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