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Waking Up and Exiting the Matrix with Dawn DelVecchio

Making conscious and unconscious choices in a fast changing world.

Dawn DelVecchio, founder of the Return of the Priestess speaker series, the Return of the Priestess private community and the lineage bearer of the MotherSpirit Priestess line has served as Priestess for more than 37 years with a deep background in Goddess lore, ceremony, spiritual counsel, channeling, tarot and soul astrology. We'll talk today about where humanity finds itself, and the conscious or unconscious choices we might make as the world changes underfoot. Will we choose the red pill or the blue pill? Will we be ready to take a leap of faith or will we be left behind or force "the powers that be" to push us forward? Dawn will define "the matrix" and explain the greater context of why now is the "wake-up and exit" call and what "exiting the matric" might look like.

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