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Using Real Astrology and Feng Shui to Achieve Your Dreams with Dianne Lawson

What's REAL astrology and feng shui and how these practices might help you achieve your heart's desire.

Real Feng Shui? Real Astrology? What makes it real or unreal? Those ideas might certainly raise some eyebrows and pique some curiosity but according to Dianne Lawson, who has been an astrologer for 50 years, taught hundreds of classes, had many, many clients, there's a method to using these alternative modalities to actually create the lives we want that goes beyond reading your astrology every morning or getting your chart done every year or making sure your bed faces the right direction. And I won't let her get away before she gives us some important forecasts for 2023 and hopefully beyond to the 2024 election and some pending political situations that have so many captivated.

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