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The Melissae - Ancient Greek Priestesses of Goddess Demeter w/Elizabeth Ashley

Melissae, the Ancient Bee Priestesses of Demeter

Practicing Melissae Priestess, Elizabeth Ashley, a plant and bee shamaness/guardian is with us to discuss her book, Meeting the Melissae: Ancient Bee Priestesses of Demeter. Today's talk might just as well be called All Things Demeter as we delve into Demeter's sanctuaries, the practices of her priestesses called the Melissae and bee shamanism. I'll ask Elizabeth about the Eleusinian Mysteries and how the Greek religion differs from religions of today, as well as what this ancient religion and these priestesses can teach us today. And as special treat, I'll play a relevant cut from our beloved Layne Redmond, called Bee Mantra.

Show Music

Nomad's Land by Zingaia

Bee Mantra by Layne Redmond

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