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The Legacy of the Goddess: Heroines, Warriors and Witches with Rachel McCoppin (Air Date 12/13)

Looking at World Mythology, Folktales and Fairy Tales

Today's Show Topic:

Prof. Rachel McCoppin, Ph.D returns to the show to discuss her other book, The Legacy of the Goddess: Heroines, Warriors and Witches from World Mythology to Folktales and Fairy Tales - and that's just what we'll be chatting about today! We'll have fun delving into famous folktales and fairy tales that possibly reveal elements of ancient goddess worship and discover what women today gain from identifying sacred messages in folktales and fairy tales they may have passed over as a mere children's tale. We'll also talk about the importance of these stories and narratives to shape society and why re-writes are often called for if we want to re-shape our future for women everywhere.

Show Music

Meta Prayer by Celia

About Rachel McCoppin...Ph.D, is a Professor of literature at the University of Minnesota Crookston and has published the following books:

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