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Standing at the Threshold: Love or Fear w/Caryn McGrandle (Air Date 11/29)

Women's Leadership - Time to Step Up to the Plate

Today's Show Topic:

Caryn MacGrandle, creatrix behind the Divine Feminine App, an online community since 2016 connecting women (all genders) in circles, events and resources is with me today to have a conversation about women's leadership. Some, but not all questions we'll delve into are The need for action now, why there are not more marches and public gatherings, why we just keep re-inventing the wheel instead of building on the accomplishments of foremothers, why is the return of the Divine Feminine taking so long?

Show Music

Meta Prayer by Celia

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Thank you Karen. Loved speaking with you. To clarify the two organizations I mentioned on the podcast: 1) Shanta Premawardhana at OmniaLeadership.Org and 2) Catholic Women Preach and by the way, I'm a Virgo, too. Just a chaotic one. Lol.

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