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Power, Energy and You with Janus Blume

Taking a deep dive into the subject of power and energy and how to use it with Janus Blum.

As an author, student of spiritual well-being and advocate for positive social change, Janus has spent her adult life as a seeker. The journey led through many areas of inquiry including the human potential movement, mythological studies and ancient sacred ways. In this time she's come to believe quite a lot about Power and Energy which she'll share with us today. We'll talk about the magickal things she's witnessed and how this fits into her spiritual belief system. She is the author of Witchcraft, Power and Transformation: A Magickal Myster School for the 21st Century Janus worked for 6 years at New Horizons, a nonprofit school for homeless children and learned to treat those in need with the respect they deserve. In 2015 she retired from Cabrillo College after serving as Division Assistant in Counseling for fifteen years. She has recently embarked on a quest to liberate humanity from toxic guilt, shame and blame.

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