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Numerology 101: Numbers & Their Messages w/Wendy Orsatt (Airing Nov. 15)

Updated: Sep 12, 2023

Numerology for Beginners - What the Numbers Can Tell Us !

Today's Show Topic:

Lover of life and numerologist, Wendy Orsatt will chat with me today to discuss Numerology 101 and the messages the numbers can provide us to give us answers about our lives. We'll delve into what Numerology actually is, hold old the divination system is and what kinds of messages can be found in the numbers. We'll talk about the connection between astrology and numerology, "Angel Numbers" and properly interpreting the numbers. And our Audience Activity today will be how to find your own life path number to guide you.

Show Music

Meta Prayer by Celia

Guest Biography

Wendy assists people on their journey to Peace of Mind, Love in the Heart and balance of Energy using natural methods. This is done by energetically connecting with people and their needs and using a network of knowledge, intuition, tools, education, services and products. Her vision is communities of people living happy, healthy, in love and in balance with nature in today's world and beyond.

Energy/Services offered: Numerology, Handmade Dreamcatchers, Intuitive Card Readings, Wellness Coaching, Healing Stone Knowledge, Crystal Coaching, Jewelry Making and Repair, Laying of Stones Meditation, Children's Activities and Classes, Essential Oils and much more...


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