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New Science of the Afterlife with Daniel Drasin (Air Date: November 1)

Updated: Oct 29, 2023

Daniel Drasin, award-winning documentary filmmaker and media producer discusses his book, A New Science of the Afterlife, investigating the field of afterlife communication through mediumship and modern electronics.

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Daniel Drasin, award-winning documentary film maker, photographer and media producer for more than six decades has been actively investigating the field of afterlife communication through traditional mental and physical mediumship as well as modern electronics. We'll discuss his journey in this field, his paranormal experiences and explore what that "veil" that separates this world from the next really might be. Language is important and we'll explore why that is related to this topic and Daniel will distinguish between skepticism and pseudoskepticism

Documentaries: Calling Earth and Scole: The Afterlife Experiment

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