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Losing Female Deities Degraded Women's Status with Rachel McCoppin, Ph.D.

Updated: Jun 2, 2023

Rachel McCoppin, Ph.D. professor of literature at the University of Minnesota Crookston is here to discuss her newest book, Goddess Lost: How the Downfall of Female Deities Degraded Women's Status in World Cultures. Rachel will tell us why this topic is still relevant today and explain a bit about the history of goddess worship and what it meant to the role of women in each of the global regions identified in her book. I'll be sure to ask her about women-centeredd religions or philosophies still practiced today and how understanding this history of goddess worship helps women today. Other books by Rachel McCoppin are The Hero's Journey and the Cycles of Nature, The Lessons of Nature in Mythology, The Legacy of the Goddess: Heroines, Warriors and Witches from World Mythology to Folktales and Fairy Tales and The Ecological Heroes of Amerindian Mythology

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