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Life of a Druid Priestess in Dark Ages with Shellie Enteen

Author of the fictional trilogy, Revealing the Druid Legacy, she shares Druid philosophy and practice

Celtic practitioner, author, inter-faith minister, educator and healer, Shellie Enteen has extensively researched the philosophy and practices of the ancient Druids and how its evolved for her trilogy of fiction books called Revealing the Druid Legacy (link below). We'll specifically focus on the life for women in what is now the UK before the advent of Christianity and why and how it changed. We'll discuss Druid Goddesses and Neo-Druid goddess myths, particularly related to how this information can help the modern woman. Eitht festivals on the Druid calendar will get our attention as well as the legends of King Arthur and how these legends differ from the actual source and why.

Shellie is the author of the trilogy, Revealing the Druid Legacy

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