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Let's Talk About Sex and Sexuality w/Melody Rosecrans (Air Date 11/8)

What the Spirit Guides say about Sex and Sexuality

Today's Show Topic:

Evidentiary spiritual medium, Akashic Records reader and spiritual life coach/teacher, Melody Rosecrans, gets important information from her spirit guides which she shares with her community on a regular basis. Today she's with me to chat about what they've taught her about sex and sexuality. We'll discuss topics such as: A we meant to be with just one sexual partner, does abstaining from sex bring you a higher state of spiritual consciousness, are virgins more spiritually connected, what is transcendent sex, can every couple experience transcendent sex and is it even possible in our western culture, the question of gender - and more if we have time!

Show Music

Meta Prayer by Celia

Guest Biography

For as long as Melody can remember she has been able to see and communicate with spirits and had profound premonitions. In mid-adulthood, the pull to be her authentic self, became so strong she could no longer ignore the call to serve and share her gifts with others. She is currently working as an evidentiary spiritual medium, Akashic Records reader, as well as spiritual life coach and teacher. Melody works with mediumship and the Akashic records to help invoke your connection, realization and Divine light within. She's located in So. Oregon for in-person appointments, as well as offering online appointments.

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