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FROM the GODDESS Docu-Series w/Laura Hirch, Producer and Filmmaker

Talking about the NEW 6-Part Docu-Series produced by Filmmaker Laura Hirch on the Great Goddess

Filmmaker, journalist and artist, Laura Hirch released the multi-part docu-series titled From the Goddess late last year.  We'll discuss with Laura how she talks about central themes of women, healing, spirituality, mysticism and art as they relate to the Great Goddess in early history and modern times.  Hirch shows how women have played an important role in earlier societies, how they've been worshiped as the creatrix of life and the bearer of community and a source of sacredness.  Laura gets into patriarchy's rise and the part is played in the destruction in goddess spirituality and the status of women.  A rich look at what once was and ideas about what might serve humanity in the future.

Show Music

Nomad's Land by Zingaia

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