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Awaken & Ignite Your Intuitive Abilities w/Cynthia Singleton (Air Date: Oct 18)

Updated: Oct 20, 2023

Amping your intuitive abilities!

Today's Show Topic:

Are you hiding your intuitive potential? If you are, you'll need to tune in and hear my interview with Cynthia Singleton because she's a kindred spirit. Author of Amping Your Abilities: 77 Ways to Awaken, Explore and Ignite Your Intuition and maker of Kissing Cards, the game of the same name. Cynthia will share with listeners some of her own experiences with unknown phenomena, how she discovered her "hidden" intuitive potential - and you can too! I won't let her go before we try a few exercises on for size.

Show Music

Meta Prayer by Celia

Guest Biography

Author of Amping Your Abilities: 77 Ways to Awaken, Explore, and Ignite Your Intuition - a bestselling book going on 3 years now! A teacher in many capacities of her life, including an elementary school teacher, she believes in encouraging other to explore their world and discover their human potential. Cynthia has over 9 titles in print which display her love of nature, photography, poetry and even cats! You can learn more about Cynthia at Cynthia is also the maker of Kissing Cards available at

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