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Discover Petra, Jordan - Sacred to Isis, Aphrodite & the Arabian Goddesses

Petra - Sacred to Isis, Aphrodite & the Arabian Goddesses

by Karen Tate

When you look at the image above it probably reminds you of the scene from the Indiana Jones movie when Harrisson Ford was fighting Nazis across the globe and he and his companions were tearing through the narrow avenue called the Siq, leading to this famous and picturesque building from ancient times. This is in Petra, Jordan, a Muslim country, and this building is known to most of the world as The Treasury - only because folks have not done the research and discovered it was sacred to Isis and the Arabian Goddesses Al-Lat and Al-Uzza, all of which, along with Aphrodite were worshipped here in Petra. Petra was a remarkable place where the stone city was usually cast in a rose glow and the sky above was pink and golden. I've never seen anywhere else like it.

Petra, in Jordan, was home to the Nabateans and located on what's known on the Silk Road of trade routes making it a melting pot of cultures. It was amazing to ride a horse or camel through the old city, exploring these buildings carved out of the rock. The Nabateans were master environmentalists too as they managed to capture, store and distribute water in the desert and create a thriving metropolis in the ancient world.

​Here I am riding a camel in Petra. Camels have a bad reputation for being rather surly but we found most very friendly and their caretakers treat them much the same as we'd treat our own animal companions.

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