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All About Demeter w/Robin Corak

Following up her book on Persephone, Pagan Portals author, Robin Corak shares her extensive knowledge about the Greek Goddess Demeter

Robin Corak, author of the book, Demeter, is also an end of life doula, and reiki coach who shares with us her extensive knowledge of the Greek Goddess Demeter.  We'll delve deeper than what you learned in your grade school or high school mythology class, helping listeners realize Demeter's significance in ancient times and today.  We'll talk about the Mother Wound, what Demeter can teach us about grief and loss, and how Demeter wields anger and vengeance and reconcile that with her image as the nurturing and loving archetype.  Demeter is important related to social justice and we'll discuss how she might become part of one's spiritual path.  Robin is also the author of Persephone: Practicing the Art of Personal Power.

Show Music

Narayani by Deva Haley

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