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365 Days of Goddess: The Magic of Daily Practice w/Molly Remer (Air Date: Oct. 11)

Updated: Oct 6, 2023

Making devotion a daily practice of magic and enchantment!

Today's Show Topic:

Molly Remer, priestess, mystic and poet hailing from Missouri is the author of ten books and a big fan of making devotion a daily practice and savoring the everyday enchantment that comes from that routine. Molly, a wife and mother, will tell us how she manages to make space for the sacred in the middle of her busy life, as well as give us a few simple rituals we might use ourselves to spice up life at our home altars. Getting a little more serious, I'll ask Molly what her approach to priestessing looks like these days.

Show Music

Meta Prayer by Celia

Guest Biography

Author of ten books including Walking with Persephone, Whole and Holy, Womanrunes, the Goddess Devotional, 365 Days of Goddess. Molly and her husband Mark co-create Story Goddesses at Brigid's Grove and Molly is the creator of the devotional experience #30DaysofGoddess and she loves savoring small magic and everyday enchantment.

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